Further resources for the replicability of the EYES project:

The EntreComp Playbook

EYES (Enlarging Youth Entrepreneurial Spirits) is an international project co-financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme; the project is implemented and developed by six organisations from six countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Spain & Sweden) sharing the ultimate aim to support professionals in vocational training and integration in changing their teaching practices, to promote the development of a collective entrepreneurial culture and democratic values among young people.

To handle the design of the training programme and to set-up the expected learning outcomes (the so called “EYES REPOSITORY”), the Strategic Partnership relied on the EntreComp Framework, the official model promoted by the European Commission as a reference paradigm for teaching, coaching and educating on entrepreneurial competences.

To date, the EntreComp Framework is still the most valuable reference for entrepreneurial education, and it is conceived to be feasible and “exploitable” for all potential targets (Adult Learners as well as High Scholl students). Partners went through the Framework and made use of the 59 learning outcomes that are described on the intermediate / lower level of the model itself – in compliance with Level 3 of the EQF, the most appropriate to address EYES’ target group.

Recently, the Joint Research Centre from the European Commission published also the third official EntreComp’s follow-up: EntreComp Playbook, a resource that is extremely useful for EYES’ users and VET professionals addressed by the project.

Professionals in the domain of entrepreneurial education that wish to rely on our training material to enrich and diversify their training offer can rely on the EntreComp Playbook the design their overall piloting strategies…

All training material developed by partners is available for free at: https://eyesmodules.eu/

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